Prismatic Solid for Playstation 4

Originally an Xbox Live Indie game developed using XNA by some former Squaresoft programmer, Prismatic Solid pushes the limits of the Xbox 360 console without any lag by having tons of particles, bullets and shards at the same time. If you thought that bullet hell shmups today take up tons of resources with bullets only, this one has more than that without any slowdown whatsoever. Resogun surely has tons of particles and voxels as well as superior graphics to this but as least, it is a test of technical capability of XNA and Xbox 360 themselves. There’s the glow effect below the ship similar to the one in R-Type Dimensions and like the R-Type series, the options protect you from enemy bullets. Each shot has its own formation and each option has its own smartbomb that decreases the power everytime you activate it. There are power orbs in three different colors that increase the power and the tentacle arms of the corresponding options.

On the Playstation 4 version, there’s really not much to say other than the smooth gameplay in 1080p at 60fps with no graphical differences whatsoever. I might have seen some changes in programming that make the game more challenging in this version or maybe my witnessing is somewhat wrong as the game itself is so underrated not because it’s an indie game or something. The only special thing about the Playstation 4 version is that even the Playstation 4 is put to the technical test on how well the system can handle the game the same way the Xbox 360 does.


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