Groove Coaster 2 for Arcade, IOS and Android

For Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival, there are changes to the game-end system in which you use the Groove Coins to buy songs, items and other stuffs, replacing the Level Up system that has been present in the original Groove Coaster including its EX variation. The Level Up system is still intact in Groove Coaster 2 Original Style and there’s a new control method where you can make noise near your device while the device mustn’t make any sound to get a beat which is unspeakably strange and replaces various types of notes with normal notes. Worse thing for using that method is that your scores will not be saved as if things don’t count. In addition, the Original Style version has difficulties from the arcade version of Groove Coaster series although the song level range between these two versions is different that it kind of confuses me to determine which level number is the highest for each version. Heavenly Festival has some changes done to the versus multiplayer mode as well as you will notice in the results screen and Original Style has included the Ad-Lib in the results screen as well. Getting 100% of Ad-Lib what you’ll want to get that should boost your scores even higher for better grades but it’s not easy to get one unless you can memorize where all the Ad-Lib notes are for each song. You can try using Visible item to reveal those notes as the assist item.

To be frank, I might have gotten the No-Miss in certain songs which is the standard full combo. For a true full combo, a Standard Full Combo and 100% Ad-Lib combination is a must which is more difficult for me in the first place. Starting from today, I have already set up the same goal of attempting the new songs from Groove Coaster 2 Heavenly Festival.


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