Astebreed for Playstation 4

This one’s an indie game and as you can know, it is originally on PC that showcases the next generation graphical power for the genre. At that time, it is another game that tries to supersede Under Defeat and puts Strania on XBLA and Nesica X Live to shame in terms of the amount of content and graphical level. Astebreed has cutscenes with voices which Strania has cutscenes but with insufficient content. Unfortunately, the 2D cutscenes are not animated at all and it may be a disappointment for people expecting full animated 2D cutscenes in both Arrange and Original Modes of the Playstation 4 version. The Playstation 4 version has additional stuffs done in terms of programming as shown in the official version comparison video as well as better modelling and textures. Even the Arrange Mode has improved gameplay as well and on Chapter 5, the mode has additional BGM as heard in some game trailer for the Playstation 4 version. Not to mention that you get improved firepower in the Arrange Mode. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have enough extension in the Arrange Mode to call the mode Story Mode but I think that the full story should be in Story Mode with no gameplay differences whatsoever. The Arrange Mode shouldn’t have story difference or extension either.

On the PC version, there’s also the opportunity to play the game at 4K or even 8K HD but that is too unnecessary since most of the games are up to 1080p and trying to make the game support 4K or 8K may require a more powerful system, electrical power and higher resolution textures. What the hell? Nobody knows what future gaming generation era is like and not even Mid-End machines can handle 4K gaming like that let alone 4K videos and 4K or 8K monitors or TVs are not the right times to buy right now.


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