NTUC U Care Roadshow at Tampines Community Plaza

Spoilers though, the graduation already took place more than a few months ago and this month I already applied for a Desktop Engineering job at Jobscentral web site although it looked like nothing is happening whatsoever with no decent replies and sufficient information needed for a job interview. Prior to having applied one, I already found some other similar Desktop Engineering jobs at the same site but I couldn’t apply any one of those on my own without proper advice. Also, some stinking idiot at home who still owed me an apology for setting me up in my first internship days has been getting in my way and many of those unidentified jobs were applied by her with my home phone number being used. Why would I want to get a job the offender’s way? And the worse thing was that, she had the guts to force me to enter and surrender my medical records in some site that may make me look like a laughing stock to many companies she has manipulated. I can assume that either I or she might have entered that information and that time, I purposely sent her fake resumes as she’s making my life difficult until one past recent day, I finally sent her a real one as I ran out of ideas of decoration.

The roadshow might have already started from morning to afternoon and I already missed those early presentations as I arrived in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any technical company in the vacancy list and many of those companies in that list offered basic jobs for those aged 30+ and above as well as the jobs that were so marketing, business and communication oriented. The WDA and JobsBank websites might have the same concept as Jobscentral and Jobstreet when it comes to getting a job online. They should be extra handy for me like I can get offered some technical training as well as employment needs.

One major problem, you will be warned that I IGNORE AND DON’T TALK/LISTEN TO LIARS and that includes those at my home as I thought that they might have told something false about me behind my back such as falsifying information that I have sight problem or something when I can actually see stuffs and have major technical knowledge from the world of multimedia, engineering and information technology for instance. However, it’s like those at my home never know about this ever since I thought that they had offended me indirectly in the past. And simply ignoring them over their past offenses may lead to their recent thoughts that I have some kind of other problem. Indeed, my life is already spoilt because of that before I realized it. Only the students, colleagues or both know about ignorance but that turned out I ignored the wrong people or something like I didn’t mean to when they figured that out after telling me something. Lastly, it is already inappropriate to do all sorts of local communication at my home due to the offending past problems I just stated.

It’s a big story that misleads the blog post title but if not for those playful offenses of the past, things would have been much easier in getting a job smoothly with respect.


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