Telegram’s controversial conference

The CEO of Telegram has made the conference and speech CONTROVERSIAL by mentioning that even te******ts use their services for the sake of security and in fact, they even take privacy as a higher level of importance than fighting te****ism like really, higher privacy is No. 1 priority with anything else being at lower priority? Has any tech giant have any BRAINS in BOTH protecting and respecting customers’ privacy AND fighting te****ism as the same top priority? If there’s any unbalancing of these importances, it will attract some fearful situation.

And it is already at the WRONG TIME to criticize Whatsapp for the lack of privacy at this time. Have they even known that their technology is nowadays used in Whatsapp as well for improved security? With Telegram in Whatsapp and that Whatsapp being the most popular texting app besides LINE and Wechat, there won’t be any need to use Telegram as not all people know what the hell it is.

Having to mention such stuffs as stated above in the publicized conference is a complete no-no. It’s like the CEO has unexpectedly attracted those cyber-spying agencies like Telegram is next to be on their list for being used by those baddies. It may be true that popular services with high security are used by every kind of people alike including those baddies that make may things difficult for those agencies to track down.


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