Windows 10 Preview in Xbox One

As things are getting more universal with Windows 10 on tablets, smartphones, computers and even the Xbox One, it may seem that the same apps that are in Windows 10 on computers will be available on Xbox One as well through the same kind of code. It is said that Windows 10 on Xbox One will have improved speed and social media such as a community section for social networking interaction, revamped TV features and optimized Xbox store for easier navigation. The Xbox 360 store surely has divided into three parts in which the game part is the main part with games, DLCs, etc. with the app part being the one not related to gaming and avatar part for customization. Sure, the avatar app in Xbox 360 is still good looking in visuals but the navigation combined with painful networking make it a total pain. I don’t know if the avatar customization app in Xbox One is an improvement or not.

And of course, I may expect Microsoft Edge in Xbox One as a replacement to Internet Explorer as we anticipate its superior and common features like improved tab interactivity that makes the browser on par with its rivals. Hell, even Firefox is already on par with that same improvement but until the time Microsoft Edge is on par, we also expect extensions on it but we have to bear in mind that not all extensions can be installed universally. I don’t know if the Edge and Firefox for Windows 10 extensions are made universal or not at this time.

Other features I can imagine like the Cortana support for Xbox One, streaming in between the console and the Windows 10 device in which the only useful thing about it is video-capturing. Having to buy that console just to stream PC games to it is kind of a stupid idea. Perhaps, a cross-platform play is a better idea like it doesn’t matter which gaming platform you own the game for.

Lastly, I don’t know if the respect for security is getting much worse in Windows 10 for Xbox One like only certain privacy violation options can be disabled or something. Also, who knows if there will be complete backwards compatibility as well at this time.


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