Investigation on Microsoft from Russian prosecutors regarding Windows 10 security issues

I guess that making a plan of secure deployment of Windows 10 is likely to backfire on me because using Sysprep to generalize resets the settings to factory default, defeating the purpose of the security adjustment. It is one of the essential options in making sure that every computer doesn’t get exactly identical information when shipping it with Windows 10. As of this blog post, I have the reference images of Windows 10 and its server variant containing some stuffs installed in MDT. It may be tedious trying to opt-out of every privacy violating feature device by device and account by account.

Speaking of opting out, the Enterprise edition has the highest opt-out level and that includes the server variant of Windows 10 which is Windows Server 2016. The server variant has improved security but since it’s under prototype stage, it’s not going to count towards the investigation. Like I already mentioned many times that some of the features cannot be disabled for opt-out purposes in Home and Pro editions unless you find some tricks to doing so. I don’t know if USMT will retain those applied settings that affect the user accounts but it’s wrong for Microsoft to COLLECT DATA ILLEGALLY IN WINDOWS 10 IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This already landed Microsoft into trouble for real for violating Russian privacy laws but they’re not the only company that faces lawsuits over security concerns. The Scroogled campaign already backfired that kicked the one behind it out of the job but this privacy violation with Windows 10 is way worse than anything else made by Microsoft. The Xbox One kinect almost did this shit, the online age and facial recognition services did this shit for a short time before the update occured that they don’t keep photos. What is worse, Windows 10 on Xbox One? I don’t know if you can opt-out completely on that for the sake of high security. Hell, even the Mac OSX Yosemite has the same security problems as well.

I don’t know if Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity 8 is going to solve the controversy like I can WAIT until the beta version of that comes out. Maybe there should be a wallpaper of a broken window glass being projected by some blue bright light! That can be applied as a default wallpaper for all editions of Windows 10 except Enterprise.


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