Cyber-piracy groups to ban Windows 10 users

Perhaps, the reason for the unexpected and endless network hog that will drive you crazy when it comes to security issue is coming from Microsoft’s actions in which according to iTS torrent sharing group, the entire contents of your hard disk are sent to the servers to check if there are any pirated versions of the software and games. It’s a very big fat definition of Windows 9 to me as if technical stupidity coming from Windows 10’s surveillance power is everywhere around the globe. That is more like Windows 9 to me if Windows 10 does this kind of unexpected hogging of the bandwidth to fight piracy with no way to turn it off! What will piss you off even more is that the controversial change of the Microsoft Services Agreement goes way too far in which certain games will be unplayable on Windows 10 no matter how genuine they are. It can also affect the Xbox branded consoles but I guess that computer gaming with Windows 10 matters a lot more.

Needless to say, it may appear that Microsoft is not the only one with such kinds of policies in fighting piracy in a controversial way. The other tech companies have similar policies that we may have to keep a look out for. But still, it’s best to go genuine at all times by buying genuine software, games and hardware and this kind of controversial policy and method of fighting piracy is unacceptable.


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