AVG sells browsing history to third-parties

That has been one brave but stupid thing AVG has ever done, collection of browsing history and delivery of it to third-parties on their accord. We already know that AVG is already on the list of popular anti-virus brands containing the backdoors used by those cyber-spying agencies. Even Kaspersky and F-Secure are on the list as well for challenging those agencies with better security and the result is that their security isn’t 100% perfect. It may be the same for tech giants services we thought were more secure than before probably due to the fact that they betrayed us again with their new recent products with unfair security policies.

Wired UK had spoken to AVG about this situation and they stated that their previous policy was already in effect but didn’t make it clear to the users that they have been collecting browsing history until sometime in October this year, they have altered the policy like trying to make it more senseful. The new policy from AVG allows you to opt-out of this data collection once it is active next month.

It’s an epic shame on you if you don’t care for the importance of privacy and how dangerous those famous destructive groups of baddies are as if your data will be exposed easily by cyber-criminals for instance and you get captured into joining those groups like a slave for instance. A bigger shame will come to you if you support cyber-spying and other security violation stuffs and we despise liars that disrespect their customers through security violation and denying any wrongdoings.


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