Lenovo bloatware installs itself upon next boot

The previous discoveries of Superfish and its similar malware were really large that many users wondered if they were infected or not with that regardless of whichever computer manufacturer they’re using but if that wasn’t enough, there’s another malware that was recently discovered that caused the Lenovo bloatware to be installed all by itself even if you uninstall itself. This surely happens in Windows OSes whether it’s Windows 7, Windows 8 or whatever. I don’t know if other Widnows OSes are affected as well on those affected Lenovo computers but this surely has annoyed Lenovo consumers again. Normally, a Windows OS on a computer doesn’t come with those third-party bloat apps unless it is deployed for school, work or even by the OEM for consumers themselves. They can be removed unlike Android devices manufactured by those third-party brands where their bloatware can’t be easily removed unless you root those devices which is a risky idea.

The deeper part of the security problem takes place at the BIOS level on those Lenovo computers and no matter how you remove the bloatware, it will surely come back again. However, the recent models of Lenovo computers manufactured from June onwards have the security protection at the BIOS level that removes any malware that tries to affect the BIOS. Worse of all, like the Superfish malware, this is another mysterious spyware that tries to steal your info and spy on your actions or something.

Bravos to Lenovo for messing up if they did all this bullshit on purpose and yet, this is the security situation way worse than the Superfish infection. If the users encounter another security problem that causes them to put the blame on Lenovo, perhaps, this is the future time that the users will either ditch the Lenovo brand or Windows on Lenovo computers in favor of Linux. Imagine this affecting the enterprise users using Lenovo computers like it’s going to be a serious organizational problem because of this serious security problem. That will take a long time to change computers across the whole organization while leaving the data intact.


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