Kaspersky replaces files with fake ones infected with malware as part of competition

The security rant isn’t finished here. The problem’s still on-going for Lenovo and especially that I still have yet to find solutions for secure Windows 10 deployment but there comes another security betrayal, Kaspersky, which replaced certain files with the fake ones infected with malware on their accord out of their jealousy after knowing the fact that their idea or technology has been used by other companies. It’s kind of like someone steals your idea for his stuff and it is more popular than your original stuff that you get angered even more when they make something based on his stuff. Or maybe, someone rips off the content from whatever you like for his own stuff and then he and his retarded fans defend the hell out of it despite the fact that the ripped off content isn’t original that you get angered as well. Perhaps, Kaspersky went jealous about that but they denied the claim that they did all this shit out of jealousy and anger. This happened from 2009 to two years ago and what about the present and future, will they continue this jealous bullshit or something? Such jealousy like this for the sake of competition will backfire and it may become a disaster or land you in trouble like that once it goes viral. I admit that I already had the similar anger and rant about that F***** B*** thing the last time like I felt in having established something that was designed to bash the hell out of it. Unfortunately, that already landed me into trouble or something at the time due to the lack of official references until the time I finally specified them. Also, I still have yet to update that that reduces the trouble.


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