The Hacking Team compromised by unknown group of attackers

The source of giant controversy is there at the company named The Hacking Team. It’s an Italian firm that supplies surveillance tools to various governments for the sake of cyber-spying on civilians which is already considered illegal in the first place by the security experts. Tech customers who feel that they are compromised because of this are not happy about that ever since they found out the cyber-spying thing two years ago. Even the tech companies are concerned about that because the cyber-spying thing has gone way too far that they have decided to increase security on their services and products that challenges the hell out of it.

Some unknown group of attackers must have cyber-penetrated that company and there may be concerns for security experts that the group of attackers had made nearly 400GB of internal data public. I guess that the data may consists of documents, tools and other kinds of data but should such confidential data and tools be made public like that, it can worsen the security even more once they are used by other cyber-criminals or maybe the same ones from that group. Nobody knows the plans until it has become a news but it is obviously WRONG for one group of cyber-attackers to share the tools of cyber-penetrations whether those tools are theirs or stolen to other groups or maybe the public! Illegal stuffs that compromise security should be investigated, not shared or delivered! Nobody makes a news article about things like that!

And on top of that, the cyber-delivery process of those tools is done through torrent which is some technical technique genuine stuff seekers don’t use. Also, since the cyber-spying thing is still on-going, it is obviously attracting more of those cyber-attackers and whistleblowers who are figuring out to expose those illegal practices. The worse thing was that The Hacking Team might have collaborated with many of the companies and agencies nearly around the globe into starting that practice probably due to those on-going situations each country knows of.

Of course, it may be off-topic to talk about what has been going on in one specific country that causes those kinds of practices above to happen. Not to mention that certain sagas are highly controversial that may have angered everyone since day one.


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