Qpronicle Chord and Step Up Mode controversies & Beatmania IIDX Copula

What the hell is up with Konami nowadays? This is what already happens when Konami goes way too far in milking the Beatmania IIDX series like that. The storylines in Qpronicle Chord and Step Up Mode in IIDX Pendual are already controversial from what I saw as if they are designed to make your Qpro avatar look like a spoilt nerd like he wants to have a hot spring with those boss characters from previous IIDX games or something that has angered one of the former boss characters who happens to be teaming up with him that she has blasted him out of the sky like she does that to you in her boss song when you make a mistake.

I may have liked Beatmania IIDX series because it comes out the earliest way before the rip-offs exist but the series as I know it is already made a little bit controversial. Beatmania IIDX Spada has already made things way out of place but the real controversy obviously takes place in Beatmania IIDX Pendual.

And who knows if Beatmania IIDX Copula won’t have the same controversy or not but it seems that it is using the Train theme which is another out of place theme for rhythm game genre. Beatmania IIDX Gold and Resort Anthem fit well but I think the most out of place theme is Beatmania IIDX Spada anyway.

What’s backported to IIDX Pendual is the Super Future 2323 as well as some songs from the upcoming sequel to celebrate the location testing of it although they’re lazy enough not to make the UI completely yellow-ish. Nobody knows what the sequel is like until it is out but from what I saw, it will have Assist Easy which makes clearing requirement less strict and is useful in case there are killer patterns in the end as well as the Hell Charge Notes which may make people probably think of O2Jam or the BMS Charge Note courses. As the name suggests, it is already making hold note patterns more brutal but this is the challenge you should have in the future instead of using various options like Assist Easy and Expand Judge which stink and Expand Judge stinks even more like it tries to attract more players coming from various rip-off games in an useless way.


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