Net Neutrality in Europe update

Like in the US, the net neutrality in Europe was previously passed so that the over-charging crap or any other crap was banned such as the bad roaming charges but the disturbance started again that the Net Neutrality was not in effect recently anymore or something. It’s an endless battle for freedom and equal fairness to the internet when it comes to net neutrality.

Of course, the net neutrality is obviously important in general and it is more important in the US probably due to some terrible US ISP’s on-going evil technical actions. There were controversial examples stated in the news like changing the customers’ names to simply insult the hell out of them, charging customers for whatever stuffs they didn’t even own or subscribe to, slowing down the bandwidth via bandwidth throttling in which some US ISPs were caught and fined for doing that recently and of course, the privacy violation actions done by the ISPs themselves in various ways. Normally, no ISPs or companies dare to do such things but if someone from some company does that, it’s an abrupt termination of his/her job under normal but simple company rule. But in case of corporate corruption, it may be difficult to find the culprit behind the evil corporate ideas as if the manipulation is strong.

There’s really not much to say about what’s going to happen elsewhere when it comes to net neutrality but the situation is somewhat the same. The only new things to say here were like the ISPs were not happy about net neutrality under effect for instance or maybe other bad stuffs the ISPs had done like the ones above. Again, no companies may try to do bad technical things to their customers like that. It’s a serious responsiblity to keep the services as respectful as possible because anything technically disrespectful will be considered controversial and actions will take some time to be taken against bad situations like that.


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