Instant messaging apps could be monitored in UK under new Snoop law

Here’s another controversy that you may want to deal with but it’s going to be a serious challenge if you want to prevent this from being under effect next year in the future. The reason on why fighting for proper privacy is getting tougher is probably due to the fact that there may be tons of supporters, recruiters and inspired trashes of some most extremely dangerous te******* group I’m not going to mention here. It may be that that group has been doing all the destructive activities and even organizing recruitment plans with the help of their supporters around the globe in recruiting those to join them. This kind of extreme conspirational activity is not allowed and it may have been the reasons on why such kinds of bills like this are being planned on monitoring whichever targeted nation to detect those baddies who are trying to blow shit up for instance. It is good for agencies and militaries to fight te******m but the downside of doing this through all that cyber-monitoring is the privacy violation. What else is new to mention here? How many times do I have to mention these security pros and cons here?

The contract with five companies was a controversial one when it came to monitoring social media presence and under this new upcoming law, the instant messaging apps are likely to be monitored with the data logs to be kept for a year. However, the encryption of those apps poses the difficulty of cyber-monitoring that those companies are asked to make provisions or their apps and services will be banned. Also, having encryption too strong like that may open doors to all kinds of bad guys who can make it through unnoticed with that strong amount of security power as the excuse. This kind of downside shouldn’t be allowed as well and it may be why there should be an option to disable encryption on the device that belongs to the victim or the criminal upon request.

Having equal fairness to both company and government side is an important thing when it comes to stronger security. That should drive us, better freedom and privacy, not some illegal shit.


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