Firefox for Windows 10

Firefox on Windows 8 was put on hold for some unknown reasons but the upcoming Windows 10 version is likely to do things better like it can be on par with Microsoft Edge and Android version of Google Chrome. I guess that this is what the web browser for both tablet and desktop users should have been in the modern form. Firefox on Android has the similar interface design to the desktop version but I assume that Google Chrome on Android has the most amount of interface functionality that may be exactly on par with the desktop version. Improvements are improvements and I don’t know if Firefox for Windows 10 will have the same exact amount of functionality as the desktop version and Microsoft Edge or not like you can switch and move tabs for instance in addition to having addons.

Speaking of add-ons, I don’t know if Firefox for Windows 10 will have the same exact amount of add-ons as the desktop version but this is something I’m not sure of as the modern version of Firefox for Windows 10 is on the modern form, the same form Microsoft Edge uses.

Another essential feature is that you can get custom skins for Firefox Windows 10 version unlike the Android version where you’re not able to do so. That fixes the minor flaws involving the top-right buttons by removing the fill and line colors completely, leaving the icons intact.

However, this was all revealed by Mozilla as the design mockup and who knows if our prediction is fulfilled. Addons, common interface and the custom skin are the essential things for Windows 10 version of Firefox.


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