Adobe Flash security controversy

The criticism has been pushing Adobe away in a serious chain of sadness and disgrace like they’re lazy enough to solve all of that security criticism in their products. So, to me, it may look like Adobe is seriously idiotic when it comes to cyber-security importance. Of course, they can’t be as stupid as some US ISPs out there for purposing invading their customers’ privacy on their accord like it’s a sign of betrayal for those who are seeking proper privacy.

The recent reason on why Adobe Flash would be blocked in all versions of Firefox including Facebook and YouTube was obviously involving the security exploit implemented by The Hacking Team. Maybe, there should be a serious investigation on The Hacking Team after their illegal stuffs were completely compromised like it already opened doors to more illegal spying bullshit and more cyber-criminals who want to get their hands on those leaked tools for whatever purposes they want without caring for anything else.

However, the blockage of Adobe Flash may involve another controversy like many people need to watch videos or play social games on Facebook. It may be a problem there but for videos, Facebook can straight away use the HTML 5 technology like what YouTube already uses. Hell, even Twitter needs to switch to HTML 5 for videos as well.

So, do you put the blame on Adobe, The Hacking Team or perhaps both for how extremely weak the Adobe Flash security is? It is likely that you may put the blame on Adobe for that serious weakness. So what, is our computer completely infected because of that?


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