Social media presence monitored in UK?

You can probably think that the Americans are having some temporary peace and freedom with the USA Freedom Act that recently passed last time but it’s not the same for the UK as if the fighting for the same freedom is still on-going. The illegal cyber-spying thing is still going on but we’re not going to let illegal things happen.

The worse thing is that five companies like Twitter, Facebook and so on had collaborated with the UK government to monitor what people do in social media like what was done in the past. We surely know what the similar motives and purposes are but by the time people find out about this, there are alternative services or perhaps some security protection tools to look for.

A fair news is that there are options to control what kind of data will be collected and what kind of other data will not like what Twitter and Google have already implemented. It will be the same for the new Android OS that allows you to deny or allow app access permissions. If you allow that permission, I can assume that your data will be collected. Maybe it’s all the technical definition of equality.


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