EU mobile operators plan to block ads

This plan may be a good thing for customers like it will be preinstalled on various devices but the companies that still rely on ads to make money won’t be happy about that. If that’s the case, there has to be other ways in making money without relying on ads to do so from whichever stuffs you have made and published so far. The ads will be blocked on the apps and websites but not the feeds like the ones on social networking sites.

It may be simple to block the god-damn ads on the web browsers but what about the ads on the apps? Adblock Plus is one of the popular examples in going deeper protection for the customers by blocking ads on the apps but you will probably need to specify some proxy on the network settings to perform all the ad blockage. When that happens, it appears that some of the companies are going against Adblock Plus for some reason through lawsuit as if ads are still needed to pay the bills.

Lastly, even the existing net neutrality rules may be conflicted by this plan as well like they need to make sure that things are going equally. Also, the carriers that come up with this plan will face scrutiny from the EU regulators because of how serious the amount of impact will be when it is made effective. Having to block all the ads in one go is a no-no because it goes away from technical equality as if the major companies that rely on ads are not able to pay the bills that way. Also, there may be illegal and indecent ads that show up on the screen or the websites that can be blocked easily with no problems but that may be one easy example everybody knows of.


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