Enable or disable what Google tracks about your online activity

Damn, talk about laziness like I’ve got nothing to work on at this moment other than some signs of progress on my YouTube account and my blog. It may appear that miscellaneous stuffs to work on don’t count as they are not that important and parts of New Year Resolutions. This year, like two years ago, there will be blog posts that have the security topic in them and this one as discovered from Neowin is about how Google tracks your online activity if enabled. There was a recent announcement that you get more options to turn off things you’re tracked through Google services.

If you want to disable Search and Browser history, that’s a good thing, in case you may get intercepted browsing through something extremely indecent on the web in which you don’t mean to. I don’t mean to stumble upon those kinds of stuffs nor do I appreciate or contribute to them. Maybe there should be some policy that blocks or takes down indecent stuffs automatically so that I can see the web properly and especially when those things originate from the advertisements. But be warned, there’s an option to download your search history should you choose to disable the search history. You should only save that to the safe location, not a public location or a public device.

Plus, there are other options that include your YouTube search and video view histories that you can turn off as well. Prior to blogging about this, most of the options were already paused but pausing doesn’t mean you may have already removed those histories of yours completely.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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