AOL acquired by Verizon?

I don’t know if this is considered controversial, a move you don’t want or something that’s too normal for you but it seems that things are starting to get really critical in terms of the situations everyone has like Net Neutrality in the US getting sued after being renewed recently that the battle was still going on, the phone data record collection in the US that was declared illegal and people in the US were glad about that and especially that the TPP is being voted on that we have to prevent that from happening because it may be a serious disaster for the internet freedom. So, say that Verizon had recently acquired AOL this year, you may probably think that AOL is starting to betray you again with that as Verizon is one of the unhappy ISPs in the US about the real Net Neutrality. Last time, Time Warner might have acquired AOL in the past but it might seem that AOL and might had gotten out of that merger into working as independent corporations.

Speaking of AOL, their services might be interesting back then and the legacy stuffs are still there today like the classic voice clip plays when you receive the new emails in your AOL inbox. It was first heard in my childhood but back then, there wasn’t any internet connection at all and that we started to have one during our Windows XP days. Of course, it wasn’t until recently that I really got interested in using AOL mail service years ago.


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