Lawsuit filed against Bell Canada for privacy violation

The implementation of the technical betrayal was planned all along two years ago by Bell Canada but it looked like Bell Canada is not one of the betrayals out there. There are other companies in the west that do the same shit to their customers via apps, devices or perhaps the services that violate people’s privacy for the sake of advertising. Even the opt-out option is a big fat lie as well as the illegal tracking still continues.

The lawsuit is in preliminary stages and if successful, it may be a huge blow to Bell Canada and we hope that the American customers may do the same thing to the US ISPs that try to violate their privacy if there’s something made by those ISPs that try to violate one. Sure, there is one mobile app by Verizon that does so but who’s going to report that in a smart way since only knuckleheads use that app?

This is made into a report by Canadian Privacy Commission based on the amount of complaints they had received and many firms there are encouraging the customers of Bell Canada to file the same lawsuit as well.


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