Iphone security update

Previously, I might have blogged things about the IOS 7 or perhaps IOS 8 due to improved hardware and software security or something and it might be the same for Andorid 5.0 and above although the performance isn’t the great and that the security doesn’t have total equality at first. For the later version of Android Lollipop, it has made sure that this strong security is made optional for better performance and especially that it had caused other technical issues when this version came out. For IOS 7 and 8, well the improved security such as the encryption thingy remains turned on by default and it still poses the difficulty for government agencies like tracking down your phone in case you’re a victim or something or perhaps tracking down the stolen phone of yours that you may want to disable it remotely.

Of course, for latest update for Android Lollipop that makes that security optional, it may be difficult to track down Android devices running that unless that security is turned off.

Having hardware security so strong like that can let cyber-criminals use those devices undetected similar to using other services that bring the similar security power like Tor for instance in which those services ensure that the cyber-criminals use it without getting tracked. It’s one of the serious disadvantages of having such a very strong security just for the sake of privacy which is one of the advantages for good users like us. Does it look it’s attracting both childish and professional trolls? Yes, it may sound like that but for those seeking higher security and better privacy, such kinds of trolls are going to get them annoyed.

So, I guess that this may look like a repeat subject without nothing new to blog about according to some article I saw on Neowin.


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