uTorrent – CPU hogging for Bitcoin mining

OK, this is somewhat the silly idea uTorrent has come up with! Hogging people’s CPU just to mine Bitcoins like that is like getting paid through advertisements in a worse way. At least, showing advertisements in the apps is already a good way to get paid but hogging anything like the CPU is a complete no-no. This is kind of like a freaking malware that does the hogging to various components of your machine. It may affect the performance like it happened to our computers in the past since the Windows XP days in which millions of computers were virus-infected back then in which there were tons of annoying spywares, adwares and other types of malwares everywhere on the screen, slowing down every computer like a weakling.

This is kind of TOTALLY BULLSHIT! Imagine some malware that hogs your computer hard drive non-stop besides the CPU. Every component has its own life-cycle unless you’re some next-gen worker in some company who doesn’t know various technical stuffs at all that you inject stupid bullshit like CPU hogging for money.

Such a standard security threat level is something we know of ever since the early 2000s and yet those at uTorrent don’t know what this is or something. WHY IS SOMETHING EASY OR STANDARD FOUND SO DIFFICULT TO FOLLOW? Are they security noobs or something? And the last things to talk about are the fact that the whole Bitcoin mining process is transferred to the parent company, BitTorrent, so that they can get money that way. Overall, this idea isn’t as stupid as the privacy violation ideas other corporations have and cyber-security enthusiasts already know how important the security is.

Last thing is that I don’t do torrenting whatsoever. I aim for buying genuine stuffs as my recommendation and I care for how the companies make money from whatever stuffs they make in genuine ways.


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