Net Neutrality in India

Previously, the real Net Neutrality in the US was passed that it regained peace and fairness for internet bandwidth but the ISPs there were like crying out loud that they filed a lawsuit against FCC for passing it. Why? Why did those ISPs waste their time on disrespecting the real Net Neutrality like it’s not that important? Without it, things would be chaotic for the internet bandwidth like the bandwidth can be extremely slow that it will annoy many users, not to mention the extra charges for whatever stuffs you don’t own and use. They might be the reasons on why the fight for real Net Neutrality was seriously important in the first place in the US and other countries. Speaking of other countries, it may seem that Net Neutrality in other countries may look as important as the one in the US one day and based on the recent situations in India, it appeared that Net Neutrality there is already in danger that people’s requests for real Net Neutrality there should be fulfilled.

While Net Neutrality was passed in the US, the one in Europe still has yet to be passed to ensure proper freedom and April 24th is the deadline to see if the real Net Neutrality in India will be decided or not.


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