Facebook’s response to illegal tracking update

The illegal tracking is still on-going with Facebook as if the ranting is going to continue from us and in this update, they may have recently responded that this is probably a bug in the social media plugin that the fix is on the way. The right thing they had done previously was that the users are able to opt-out of the app usage tracking and that may be a good thing but this time, it’s probably a bug that Facebook is getting aware of.

What the bug does is that it adds cookies to computers of people who don’t have their Facebook account with the use of advertising ID that tracks the actions which is kind of bullshit. Other stuffs about illegal tracking from Facebook might have included the access to Friends list by apps, data sharing among other companies as well as the location data control.

What else was found as the evidence that many people can write an article about? And of course, Microsoft’s fight against the illegal data request thing is still on-going that there may be nothing new for me to blog about.

Lastly, the fight for internet freedom is still on-going ever since. Even if the previous crappy bills might have failed, there may be same ones rising from their graves or maybe the new bills that put the previous ones to shame. Of course, in addition to the bad bills, there may be good ones too and even the tech giants may be aware of what’s going on in the different way so whining on why is privacy important like a kid is making you look like a knucklehead for sure, not those who are seeking freedom and proper privacy.


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