Do Not Track to be disabled in Project Spartan by default

OK, it’s a better time to truly know what Do Not Track feature is after the major leakage happened in June two years ago. Do Not Track feature protects you from being tracked by the advertisers and surely, many of the web browsers have it. The controversial thing about it three years ago was that it was enabled by default in Internet Explorer 11 but that is not a sufficient part of the security protection. Speaking of security protection, many of the Android devices will be getting Android 5.0 upgrade which features improved hardware security as if there would be nothing special to blog about. But starting with later minor version, such kind of security protection will be optional just like Do Not Track is in other web browsers. You want to enable that sort of security protection, you can go ahead with it and the upcoming Spartan for Windows 10 will have Do Not Track optional.

To use Spartan however, you will need a recent build of Windows 10 that has this new web browser. Expect updates or something if you’re using an earlier build.


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