Tokyo 7th Sisters

Before the existence and release of Tokyo 7th Sisters for IOS and Android, there was pretty much Love Live School Idol Festival by K-Lab a year earlier than that and it was seriously successful due to the sufficient amount of songs from the franchise to play through at the challenging difficulties and the events have still been on-going for that game even today with newer additions such as additional teams, additional cards, additional adjustments such as randomized note patterns which are nothing special if you have already known those from other rhythm games like those in the arcades.

Unfortunately, the amount of replay value is extremely incomplete for Tokyo 7th Sisters due to the serious lack of content. The amount of songs is like too little and the story is still incomplete as well although there may be plans for multiple chapters. Also, the highest difficulty is not to be expected soon or something just like Love Live School Idol Festival which initially had the first three difficulties upon release until the addition of the Expert difficulty sometime later. There may be tons of cards to manage to the max but the way you scout for more of those may be different as you explore the cities, towns or any other place for more of those in your collection. Another difference is the gameplay itself which has the rhythm gameplay mode and the team battle similar to the one from the first Idolmaster game which is basically the live team battle between various producers and the idols they’re producing. I don’t know if the one for Tokyo 7th Sisters is the same for sure. Unfortunately, the previous major version of the game was like a joke in terms of gameplay. Why was it having Solo Live mode for gameplay? Did that sound kind of bullshit to us anyway? For the current major version which has different gameplay again, the Live mode is pretty much making use of the team for group live performance and that it should make sense and fulfill the purpose of the game concept similar to other idol themed games on the mobile devices and home game consoles where you should expect both the solo and group live performances while you’re managing everything as a producer in those games.

Eventually, without the challenging difficulty, sufficient amount of songs, sufficient amount of cards to manage, events and story chapters, it won’t make a game kind of worth playing like that. Sure, the initial version of Tokyo 7th Sisters was kind of slightly below average at the time due to the lack of challenging difficulty, insufficient amount of songs and story chapters, lack of event and weird gameplay concept but with the version update, the game is starting to look decent with proper gameplay and on-going events but even then, the amount of grinding is still tedious that way.

Nevertheless, from the improvements with the version update, it’s starting to become the right time to support the game although there’s no global release by then because it’s not the right time.


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