Phone numbers for Twitter account access on Tor

Taking down trolls is probably one good thing from Twitter although it can’t be the same for YouTube nowadays if you want to report them there as there might still be forced Google+ integration that posed the difficulty in doing so. Another warning is that actions will be taken against those who try to abuse certain users on Twitter in various ways so you should take note of that and especially that even Tor users happen to be accessing Twitter in certain ways like nobody can know who does all that trolling or abuse to some user or company on Twitter.

Using phone numbers or some extraordinary list, this may be how Tor users can be tracked down because there’s already a serious controversy that has been on-going nowadays like the service is used for various criminal activities for instance in addition to good Tor users who use the service for the sake of privacy which is a good move.

One thing to keep in mind is that surrendering anything like that defeats the purpose of privacy but the controversy is already the reason on why various governments want the Tor security completely defeated so that they can track down those evildoers and cyber-criminals as we know of. Also, it may be difficult for Twitter to take down repeat offenders that use this service as the IPs can’t be easily recorded on the list or something for the sake of privacy. Talk about over-protective if you ask and many websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. don’t seem to play nice if you’re trying to sign in to various accounts there on Tor browser. This is like the service already knew which services have been tracking users ever since and I still don’t recommend this browser for regular usage.


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