Net Neutrality in US approved

This one’s going to be a good news for the freedom seekers in the US but then, this is just the beginning of the equality as the crying opponents of Net Neutrality are trying to do something to cause another awful lawsuit against FCC that will break it again like they did last time. Also, having such kind of equality is likely to reduce the bandwidth fastest possible speed but the thing is, those opponents had already limited the bandwidth speed even worse prior to the rebirth of Net Neutrality in the US this year so the supporters of those opponents can pretty much shut the hell up about why is that approved.

If Net Neutrality in Europe and other countries is important, then why do the ISPs in the US waste their breath and time on whining about it again? Does it make those ISPs look like out-of-control retards by then? Why is it difficult to understand the importance of freedom and the fact that the ISPs in the US themselves are in the wrong in multiple ways based on the previous articles?

Hell, even Twitter and Microsoft were on the side of Team Internet as well and with stronger rules this time, it may be difficult for those US ISPs to be rude again although it looks like they never repent their mistakes and bad business deeds. My word, those supporters of those ISPs have gone more idiotic and childish with tons of bad trolls everywhere after the Net Neutrality is approved there like there’s no research whatsoever about important it is and how evil those ISPs are in various ways.

The recent approval starting this year may have taught those ISPs the lesson but then, the battle is still far from over as there are other stuffs to deal with such as the law that will limit the illegal spying in the US, the upcoming bill that censors all the shit globally that we must prevent that from happening and the future bullshits based on the previous ones we know will probably rise from the grave again.


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