Idol Chronicle by Taito

Previously, there were already tons of Taito games released on mobile devices but this time, it’s bringing both the new and classic games to the next generation and Idol Chronicle by Taito for mobile devices. Again, it’s sort of like Love Live School Idol Festival except it has 3D graphics similar to Idolmaster franchise where the characters and live performance are in 3D. And by having 3D graphics for those, there may be character customization and the customization is sort of like the one in Idolmaster franchise, not its spinoffs on mobile devices like Cinderella Girls for instance where idol production is by cards. However, as a mobile game, I don’t know how you will be managing the outfits and stuffs like that and in fact, I don’t know if there are like additional characters but whatever.

For a rhythm game that uses 3D in-game graphics for gameplay such as 3D live performance in the background for instance, this may take up so much resources that you will need even more powerful IOS/Android devices and the worse thing is that you will need the higher version of Android OS. Another thing is that the game’s released in Japan only but don’t expect the global release even if you like this kind of game.

For the amount of songs, the game has more of those than what Tokyo 7th Sisters has. Since the game was like recently released in late last year, we may expect the in-game events for that in the future as well as more story chapters and of course, even higher difficulty.


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