Google+ split up into parts of services

Those saying that Google+ no longer exists may be glad but then there are still silly defenders of this service up there. And in fact, that service to me surely has done things a little bit worse as if we are not able to report a bunch of useless troll comments on YouTube and Google Plus probably due to the forced integration of that service and that the extensions for the web browsers are applied. Without the extension stuffs, we should be able to report those comments but then, it can leave us seriously vulnerable to illegal data collection through advertisements on YouTube. But, with Google+ being split into various popular parts of the services like the Google Hangout, Photo Streams, etc. I don’t know if Google may have done things right with YouTube service again as if we are able to interact with the YouTube comments again with the web browser extensions applied like things may be quite smooth.

Perhaps, next time I post my blog post or YouTube video, it will be automatically tweeted and not publicized to Google Plus although I have some unexpected amount of momentum there. How did people visit me there? Well, who the hell cares for Google+ when other social networking sites are more popular than that. And thanks to that for being some kind of a technical discovery back then and especially for other services which no longer existed such as Google Reader, Windows Live Mesh cloud desktop and some other Google services which were less popular as well.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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