Apple products no longer welcome by Chinese government

Kaspersky Lab seemed to have done the great job in the security research like they had discovered even more security flaws in the computer hardware and software like the ones in the hard drives for instance but when it comes to Great Firewall of China or perhaps censorship, having to censor brands like Apple, Cisco, Intel or even Citrix just because of security flaws is an ineffective way. Why did they ban various brands like that? Is it to reduce the amount of piracy while trying to protect the local privacy? No, because it may open more doors to more knockoff products in China not because the genuine ones are highly expensive. The Xbox One sales were reported to be poor in China for some unknown reason but marketing issue or perhaps the amount of games available there is probably the reason for that.

Perhaps, there are still traces of security flaws in other Apple products like the Mac OSX Yosemite for example despite the improved security for IOS devices running IOS 8 and especially for the recent surprise of the most vulnerable OSes of last year in which Mac OSX and Linux happen to have even more vulnerabilities than Windows. If we thought that Windows 8 and Mac OSX Yosemite and Ubuntu 12.10 onwards had weaker security like that, what about the overall amount of vulnerabilities? It was an unacceptable move from Apple when it came to Mac OSX Yosemite security and that the users are kind of stuck with the predecessor of that but even then, Apple should do something to reduce the amount of OS vulnerabilities if they want their IOS and Mac OSX series OSes to be more secure than ever. Like there should be tons of patches after seeing that security data infomatic.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Apple

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