Lenovo systems affected by adware

I don’t care about the computer brand as know as I can recognize certain of them such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Alienware, HP and so on but this is wrong for Lenovo to violate their customers’ privacy with the adware in their computers. Thankfully, Lenovo is aware of this and they have decided to discontinue shipping Superfish which is the culprit of this security problem as reported by various antivirus brands. Also, the new version is on the way that doesn’t inject ads as the current version has the ability to steal your private data if you happen to be using it. It may be either easy or challenging to uninstall Superfish when possible until the new version comes out.

Another problem is that Superfish has the ability to install its own security certificate fooling the device as well as decode encrypted data sent between you and the other subject that can pose a serious security problem. This may allow the man-in-the-middle attack which many IT security enthusiasts already know the concepts all along.

While IE and Chrome are not safe like that, Firefox happens to be safe thanks to its independent certificate repository and the worse thing is that that security certificate is NOT removed alongside Superfish should you decide to uninstall it.


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