Beast Busters featuring KOF

Well, that may look like one of the recent SNK mobile platform exclusive releases besides Metal Slug Defense and Rhythm of Fighters. Unlike those two, this one’s going closer to the arcade original. It’s a railgun shooter on mobile devices just like the classic arcade original including the sequel that was released on the Hyper Neo Geo 64. The controls for railgun shooters on may be implemented in different ways like there can be standard railgun shooter controls in which you can control the crosshair but not anything else or there can be camera control with the crosshair being constant on the center on the screen.

There was Galaga 3D Impact or something on 3DS where you control the camera and ship’s weapon simultaneously but the complicated things about that control was that you were moving the 3DS with you around the god-damn place you’re in as if this is a bad idea in taking so much space in the room. Also, having to video capture or videotape that is a difficult thing.

Beast Busters on mobile devices surely makes use of the touch screen controls to do the controlling of the camera with everything else being constant. You use the left side of the screen to move around and the right side of the screen to shoot the enemies. I guess it’s better that way in terms of controls because there’s no gyroscoping whatsoever.

There may be flaws in this one from my gameplay experience. The firing speed is kind of slow which may seem to be unacceptable when it comes to arcade railgun shooters. You should be able to fire as fast as you can but I guess that you should be able to do that in consumer versions of those games. Another flaw is that there may be 3 missions or places with each mission divided into 10 areas. Won’t that amount make the game quite short? And the worse thing is that each area is seriously short, sort of like the mission areas in Metal Slug Defense. Each area in Metal Slug Defense may be short but in the actual Metal Slug series, the length of each area in a mission may be different than that.

Eventually, Beast Busters featuring KOF may be more decent than Rhythm of Fighters and Metal Slug Defense due to matching the classic arcade original in terms of gameplay but having each area really short ruins the arcade experience.


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