Worst educational moments of last year

Speaking of worst moments of two-three years ago, those actually referred to the worst educational moments and I forgot to include the word, Educational, in the title but this time, this one’s going to be a special one starting from the beginning of last year all the way to this month of this year. Somehow for last year as well, there were also controversial educational events I had seen but I don’t know what the other controversial educational events are like but controversial educational events are less important and what I’m not supposed to be blogging about because this is all about the WORST educational moments of last year I had until this month. You know what, THESE WORST EDUCATIONAL MOMENTS SHOWN IN THE FOLLOWING LIST PISSED ME OFF EVEN MORE THAN LAST TIME!

  • Final Year Project days – Initially, it was a great time to work at a company but what PISSED me off was that I was assigned the stupid stranger many people didn’t like. The reasons were that he kept posing as a lecturer and that many of the people were treated like dogs because of him and especially that they were having classes organized by him and later on, the internship as well. Luckily, I had some repeat module but that wasn’t the case that I was moved to the other Final Year Project group as well that I wasn’t even interested in it at all. So, I eventually made use of the time delusionally to extend my study even further starting with Coursera courses. Unfortunately, while I managed well in Introduction to Programming in Python, I had a hard time with Fundamentals of Image and Video Processing thingy as there were way too many mathematical equations I could understand of. Maybe, this is how the lectures are like in universities. Another unfortunate thing for me was that after the Final Year Project days, that stupid stranger I mentioned eventually took over one of my classes and that was where I started to bash on the unknown module he was teaching me by gathering information and stuffs needed for the Final Year Project report and presentation. Luckily, he wasn’t one of the accessors and that my efforts on information gathering succeeded.
  • Module of torture – This will probably bring me to the past situations where that stupid stranger I mentioned above brought me to the terrible event three years ago and yet it was thought to be successful. Was that stupid idea of having Halloween theme for event execution in December not in use? Or maybe, he went unfair and disrespectful on people like us? Sure, nerds like me were kind of disrespected by him back then and yet he kept on spamming us with a bunch of useless event announcements stating the useless neccessity of the event attendances. Really? Would dis-attendees get penalized or maybe scolded, huh? And why would he distract me and others until the recent time he got the guts to teach the hell out of me of something? There was probably no way I was going to give him another chance as he got the fake rights to teach people anything like that. You know, I wasn’t the only one who wished for his job termination to happen and that new batches of students should be aware of his future actions.
  • Educational visit – Hmm, maybe I should have come for the visit organized by that stupid stranger I mentioned above as part of the assignment in the final week so that I could gather some last information when needed for the Final Year Project report and presentation but guess what, I pretty much stayed at home on that day instead and people were wondering on where was I at that time. This was already answered days later and they took it like that stupid stranger posing as a lecturer can go fuck himself.
  • Specific location to visit at Career Fair – Career Fairs may look like the interesting places to take a look at when it comes to finding whatever job you want like I already had some kinds of jobs I wanted but the annoyance came from the internship briefing presentation indicating that I was supposed to visit some specific location at this year’s Career Fair. Perhaps, it may be due to the course relation but going against the freedom when it comes to finding a job is WRONG! Who the hell thought this was compulsory like that? You know, I really dispise the goddamn word, compulsory, when it comes to events and these weren’t even the first times I got my interests UNDERESTIMATED TO MY ASS!

OK, I think that’s probably it for now but it’s not over yet there may be another controverial MVA Jump Start I may want to blog about after having made progress about it. It will take me days though as most of the modules are taking me 1-1.5 hours. And of course, my studies never end like always. There may be newer stuffs to take a look at.


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