Project Codename: Conspieracy

This is probably the first Global Game Jam project me and my team came up with. It is said to be some kind of story deconstruction and I probably thought of some examples I know of as the Genre Deconstruction. Titles I know of like Donpachi series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, etc. They don’t seem to be anything ordinary in terms of storyline and unexpectedly, there were mentions of Beat-Em-Up and Run-N-Gun genres and one of them was in use instead of the Visual Novel my other teammate planned all along and she was kind of unhappy because of the complicated choice we made. Needless to say, some of the genres are already technically incompatible with the game creation tools like Game Maker and Construct 2 but I don’t know if they are really compatible with Unity.

The worse thing for planning Beat-Em-Up stuff was that it required multiple floor layers but to make things different though, it appeared that I might be planning to have some gameplay elements of Grief Syndrome. However, there’s no way we can tell if Grief Syndrome is a Beat-Em-Up, Platformer or perhaps a Run-N-Gun game as everything seems to be taken from the animation franchise. Other Beat-Em-Up games based on other magical girl animation franchises are really Beat-Em-Up games so I don’t know if I can use the elements of Grief Syndrome after some research like that.

Next, from what I saw from the contents upon being able to get the source data, I was kind of dissatisfied. The music was like incomplete junk and the story was seriously cruel and brutal. Tougher thing was the plan of using Gothic theme which is unspeakably complicated in everything for me as I’m mostly into futuristic stuffs. Sure, there may be some arrangements that have the mix of Gothic and Electronic that I have and stored in my main blog but that doesn’t seem to be the point into taking those for this project. Lastly, some of the backgrounds look like they are taken from the internet as if some parts have to be redone from scratch. And just like the creations of mine which ended in disaster whose enemies and bosses are having unusual sprite resolutions, this project has the sprites that have the unusual resolutions as well and it can be really difficult for me to align them all properly.

Improvements may include better graphics, proper music, more sound effects, implementations of one-layer while still retaining Beat-Em-Up elements, redone cutscenes, proper enemy attacks and some Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds elements if I want to.


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