US tech giants demanded for source code by China

It may be good that people including us know what the Great Firewall of China is in general which may affect the way people in China use technology and especially for the fact that certain US-made online services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are censored again in China in favor of the Chinese equivalents like Baidu, Weibo, Sina and so on. However, despite on how great the national firewall is, there are still technical flaws in terms of cybersecurity as if this kind of cyber-war is still going on like two nations spying on each other in addition to spying on their people. Either way, it’s a bad thing and that’s not the proper way to detect bad guys like that although there are already groups of baddies we know of in general.

What will piss the US tech giants off is that they were told to surrender the source codes like what happened to them the last time. This is kind of wrong and bullshit although serious piracy is a serious problem in China and especially for the huge amount of unoriginal products made there that are plagued with bugs and inferior-ass features. Sure, people around the globe are already worried about their privacy being compromised by the spying agencies and various companies we know of that better alternatives may be the reasons to keep themselves safe.


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