25Mbps in US is the new minimum speed for broadband

While they are preparing for the battle for net neutrality in the US, it seems that FCC has made a good progress in increasing the broadband standard to 25Mbps as the minimum speed. This is useful for the customers to surf the net even faster than before and especially for the business companies that can operate online quite faster as well with lesser lags. Of course, it may made the bad ISPs in the US cry out like a bunch of kids, indicating that this kind of bandwidth is seriously more expensive than ever and that it can attract even more hoggers out there in which tons of technical packets are hogged and  transferred more quicker and non-stop in such a crazier way than before. What will those ISPs do, huh? Charge people for browsing at such a high speed non-stop at the stupidly high price? Or maybe slow down the connection speed and break the new prototype rules FCC had recently made?

OK, we have until sometime next month before the net neutrality declaration in the US begins and we don’t know what kind of evil things will the US ISPs do to their customers. There were already some trusts about classifying internet under Title II thingy which is one of the important steps of freedom for net neutrality to make things much fair. That will prove on how grown-up the ones working under Team Internet are.

Speaking of Team Internet, there are tons of companies willing to support the real net neutrality but the Team Cable is likely to be the enemy team that consists of various bad ISPs and their connections, so the battle is still going that people in the US have to do something to protect it.


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