Global Game Jam

During the break, I visited some part of the Open House where I stumbled upon the staffs who were making some games. There’s also a TV with some fighting game in action and I’m still a sucker for that genre as I don’t have time to play it. It’s not that I’m not interested in the fighting game genre, it’s that a bunch of stupid jerks from my home who were trying to me from playing it but that was the past in which they were trying to do so and at that time, I was more terrible in that back then like I had to go back to playing the previous genres I may be good at. Sometime during the long talk with the staff, I was told about the interesting event, Global Game Jam, which is an 48-hour non-stop game creation event and it has been happening all around the globe. I might have promised myself to register and attend there.

However, even with the experience as the Game Maker user, there’s some probability that I may end up using a different tool and making a different game genre. Sure, it may be true that I may end up making a game under different game genre as a team. Also, Unity is kind of difficult as hell and I’m more of a Game Maker user than Construct2 user. The safer bet would be to go for Game Designer role even if I’m experienced in Game Maker that I helped my teammates out in using it for game development. Unfortunately, the gameplay concept I chose was a complicated-ass one that things eventually flopped in the end. I don’t know if I’m going to improve it or something but later on, there will be another blog post exclusively in my WordPress blog about the game I made for the event in details.

It was a fun but challenging one that I had learnt various stuffs and tricks and it may be great if I attend the same event again next year.


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