Some past SDVX gameplay report I forgot to blog

OK, the title pretty much said it all and this one involved something as the reason to blog about here. During that past day, one of the SDVX machines was having some mechanical problems that it could ruin the game play. So, the victims like me might have already learnt the lesson on not to ignore any row of notes whether it’s some patterns or throughout the whole song. I guess that this is not the first time I had seen things happening like that but it was the first time I encountered something myself. The previous time was that DJ Dolce somewhat ignored the scratch notes in some of the patterns in 3y3s or something during the last KAC as the patterns in a normal way are seriously difficult but it shouldn’t be a problem for him if he had enabled the Random option or something.

It appeared that one of the white buttons of that machine was having some mechanical problems on that day but no worries, problems like this were already resolved sooner or later.


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