Spotlight App on Mac OSX Yosemite

Oh man, why? In terms of security power, how did Apple screw up Mac OSX Yosemite like that with the real technical betrayals like your personal data is collected and stored on the servers for some unknown bullshit for usage of certain services on this OS like Spotlight? This is something I should have blogged earlier and this is going to be a reminder of the Unity search feature with Amazon for Unity 7 for Ubuntu which will be corrected with Unity 8 in terms of security that makes Amazon not only the search engine to choose from as Amazon for Unity 7 search engine is the default one but at least you can get out of Unity easily by choosing the alternative interface for Ubuntu like I’m already using or perhaps the Windows 8 and 8.1 search feature in the Start Screen which does the same bullshit as what Spotlight in Mac OSX Yosemite does.

This is starting to get worse for Spotlight for Mac OSX Yosemite as it is seriously vulnerable for any cyber-criminals to use it to steal your stuffs or something. That is absolutely stupid! Who the hell leaves the app, OS or service so vulnerable that it attracts cyber-criminals to intrude the Mac users like that? Is someone on the side of the customers or perhaps, the cyber-criminals? You may ask yourself or someone on who at Apple does he side with?

Perhaps, there may be guides on how to opt-out of this bullshit for Mac OSX Yosemite just like you can with Ubuntu 12.xx onwards but for those using Windows 8 or 8.1 for desktops or laptops, perhaps, the alternative will be to use the 3rd-party start menu, not the start screen even if the Start button is there.


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