Recent Twitter hack with next WW?

If the on-going cyber-spying from various agencies is not that stupid or evil enough, here comes like the news of the stupidest hack I’ve ever seen at Neowin. This regards UPI and New York Post being compromised and after the cyber-attack, it seems that UPI had already got aware that their Twitter account was compromised and took down various tweets made by those low-leveled cyber-idiots. Of course, after this blog post or perhaps any other similar article you can find on the net, it will take some time for those idiots to be tracked down and detained or something. The tweets as entered by those hackers may look like some of the stupidest online rumor-like tweets the public had seen and this level of cyber-penetration is totally BULLSHIT! How did this become the public news like that?

Even with the strong standard security like having stronger password, there may be other technical ways for cyber-attackers to penetrate your stuffs with any motives we can guess of. I don’t have time to blog more about the same cyber-spying agencies as they have been going way too far in their evil technical schemes they call the legal methods to catch the bad guys. Even with the recent service encryption by tech-giants, there may be other bullshits we can see and predict of against it as if a bunch of whiners may want to get through it because they think it may open doors to cyber-criminals that way undetected. What about normal citizens like us seeking higher privacy level? Have they even known about that besides the bad guys?


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