CI*PA is coming back again and so is its UK-equivalent

Last month, there was a controversial movie called, The Interview, which has the controversial concept, story and cast and because of that controversy, there was a group of cyber-attackers known as Guardian of Peace that attacked Sony Pictures the last time, demanding that they should cancel the release of the movie. Not to mention that the confidential information from the company was leaked illegally which was WRONG! It might be a reason on why Sony tried to prevent the journalists, news-writers and bloggers from writing stuffs about the details of the leaked information. Not to mention that it was another reason that the bullshit CIS** is coming back. It’s like that stupidity never dies or should I say that “it has died three times and is reborn four times” or something. I can’t say that it is reborn twice after having three deaths in a row, it doesn’t make any sense here unless there’s some kind of revival. And no, I’m not going to talk about that bullshit again in details since we already know what its motives are.

Then, there’s the UK-equivalent to that bill which failed previously as well but not because of the recent attacks in Paris or whatever that someone tried to remake that kind of bill again. In fact, there were even other groups of people dealing with the culprits behind those attacks as well as the organization that is the main source of those attacks but this kind of similar bullshit bill has to STOP. It’s not the proper way to prevent these unless you’re a childish supporter of that bullshit I already mentioned and I don’t have time to blog about it again.

Sure, there may be cyber-privacy concerns for normal people like us but it’s way obvious that there may be certain kinds of idiots who think that we’re making shit up, tell us to stop worrying about this or maybe follow the privacy invasion bullshit they tell us to. And the worse thing is that some of the services that are recently super-secure like iMessage, Whatsapp, FaceTime and other secure services by other tech giants will be banned in the UK as the result of this bill. WHAT IS THE POINT FOR EUROPEAN PRIVACY PROTECTORS TO KEEP LIVING IN THE UK IF IT PASSES?

This is supposed to have been the right time to protect the privacy and freedom again as if this looks kind urgent. But the more urgent concerns are probably the Net Neutrality in the US and the TPP which has still been on-going. Sure, the bad ISPs in the UK can go fish themselves in the technical face after the Net Neutrality in Europe was recently passed or something for equal fairness but obviously, the bad ISPs in the US are the ones who should go fuck themselves, not anywhere else.


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