Cathay Cineplex at Somerset

This one at Somerset may seem to be an odd one as the event venue at Level 1 may be small compared to other shopping complexes I explored so far but the reason for coming there is due to the educational situation I have. The course completion is coming near in 2-3 months and I’m getting closer to the completion in a few weeks or less. Last weekend which was 1-2 days ago, there was a roadshow going on outside to get students to enroll to specific degrees. So, I went there yesterday with my application form and asked the staff things about getting enrolled this year. However, the problem arose after that day. The degree admission price is seriously expensive compared to the one for diploma. I don’t know what the degree admission price is like for the public local universities but I was told that it should be less expensive. Another problem was the course relevance which could come later but the most important thing is that you should have a polytechnic diploma if you want to enroll for a local university degree. Also, I was told that there wasn’t anything to worry about the college entrance exam since I already had Mathematics at the tertiary level. What about English? Well, the courses are all in English language that it shouldn’t be a problem to the staff.

And as the degree admission price is highly expensive, I was suggested to find a job after this if I want to enroll in a degree. Oh, you think every local has to be like that, finding a job after taking a diploma? No, we have already SEEN AND KNOWN what the other countries’ education systems are like! We have seen the dramatic contents and there are certain scenes on where the schools are taking place and we already understand the educational systems through those parts by parts.

Lastly, the transcript. You should be able to get it if you request for it before graduation but the cost for a request shouldn’t be that hard. It may take some working days before you’re able to retrieve your transcript needed as a proof for admission. It’s to prove on whatever modules you had taken and if there’s a match, there will be some exemption of some modules or something.


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