Popular book store at Causeway Point

So, I may have the decision to study at MDIS in the future starting from Advanced Diploma to Degree level but unforuntately, it may appear that taking Entrance Exams may be a must depending on the university and the course you’re studying at. Since I have N Level, not O Level, I was given no choice but to take the exams. Failure of that is a total waste of money, time and effort and I don’t know if I can try again or not. Needless to say, it is not easy to self-study like that.

At Popular book store, I might have bought the Ten Year Series examination books which may be handy for preparation for the Entrance Exams. But before that, I already had the Mathematics related bookmarks for my Firefox account although the topics might seem to be different than the ones in Ten Year Series Mathematics O-Level examination books since certain of those topics are aimed at University levels, not High-School levels. There may be O-Level Maths topics that are equivalent to taking the similar topics at High-School levels as mentioned in some YouTube videos.

Optionally, I may probably want to study the hell out of Engineering Mathematics topics at Khan Academy after having studied programming as part of Hour of Code event the last time but that then, it may be different than the O-Level Mathematics and if I study non-stop like too much, there may be a risk of headache like I already had from studying programming related stuffs like that like Python, Java Programming, C++ and C# Programming, etc.

You know, it could have been easier to buy those books at Popular book store at Tampines shopping complex instead but this was actually a request from my supervisor. It’s not a forced request if you ask but if I wanted to buy those books at Popular book store at Tampines shopping complex instead, that’s fine as if nobody’s stopping me from buying those books needed for the Entrance Exams.

As I was about to exit the Causeway Point, I stumbled upon the 1M KG weighing machine there. Upon trying to start, someone from China came there as well but he wasn’t able to take height and weight with the work permit card as the machine can’t technically recognize that. I asked him if he had his identity card perhaps to know the IC number like the one in the passport or the IC card itself but it looked like he didn’t have one with him. Not to mention that my Chinese isn’t anything good either and thus, my communication is going to be kind of bad. So, it was out of luck for him but I still started measuring my height and weight again like one more time as I may have thoughts of having no further intentions to get myself measured again. Prior to this, I might have already unsubscribed but even then, additional messages popped in regarding the second season of the event.


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