Viber trolls on ESET for flagging their product as malware

Professionally speaking, the reason for flagging Viber as malware comes from ESET as they have detected the mysterious silent downloads of the unknown toolbars as part of the installation. Normally, you get additional crap you don’t give a shit of when installing whatever software but this one seems to be on a different path as detected by ESET and thus, the trolling comes from someone behaving like a little kid on Twitter working at Viber. Does that even look like a professional tweet to us? Saying that some product sucks directly on Twitter or any other website is a wrong thing because the company behind that product or maybe someone else will have a comeback attack to you online because it sounds like a stupid troll. We should know what will probably happen for doing that and the consequences for doing it may be different too like a simple and common troll comment that sounds kind of childish will be flagged and voted down for that stupidity or maybe someone will scold you something online. That’s gotta hurt if you’re a kid doing all that stupid thing online and I have already seen some of the uselses trolls on YouTube that try to attack a bunch of awesome stuffs I like.

This troll from Viber on the other hand is not anything that childish but rather, a professional looking suggestion that tells users to uninstall ESET. But remember, if your professional product is flagged as malware like that by various antivirus brands, don’t try to troll on those brands. Instead, you must figure out what the hell is wrong with it and try to remove the culprits found by those brands like the mysterious silent downloads of the toolbar set by Viber for example. There may be chances that those kinds of malware may be spywares set up by some corrupted agencies or perhaps some normal hackers that look like playthings to us and tech giants.

For me, I don’t use Viber nor am I a security expert but it’s important to know that it may look like a criticism from ESET after knowing the technical evidence found in Viber product. Will Viber do something to address that criticism or maybe continue to disrespect the customers without even knowing it?


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