Samsung Smart TV with Tizen OS

The technology may look quite new this year with foldable devices, edged phones, curved TVs and so on but it may look like we still prefer the rectangular flat shaped TVs and monitors like always as they may seem to be useful to see every parts of the scene at once and having curved screens may pose a challenge. At least, the phones with folded edges may look like the new unique features but foldable devices may result in the extension of the so-called group, Bendgate, which was established since the Iphone 6 days due to the situation of the bended phones. That group is kind of irritating and that you should avoid joining it as they are likely to do whatever it takes to attack certain types of people things and that.

This year’s CES with Samsung may feature those mentioned above including the new Smart TVs running Tizen OS as well as the support for Playstation Now for those smart TVs in which you can play PS3 games on them provided that you will need the Dualshock 4. Unfortunately, even with the Tizen OS as the alternative, there may still be security fears of backdoors embedded in Smart TVs that you may have to find other ways of using Playstation Now service. Not to mention that the UHD TVs are extremely expensive and they still don’t provide retina-like display whatsoever like you still can see the dots when seeing closer. There’s also Just Dance Now for those TVs as well with the use of Smart Remote and Samsung mobile devices. Wait, Samsung mobile devices for that game? It’s kind of stupid to use your phones as the Wii-Remote like controller for dance games. You think this is experimental like that? Lastly, there may be games that make use of multiple screens like what the Wii U does.

Perhaps, it may be senseful in running other OSes on TVs instead of Android as not all Android games can be playable on Android TV devices and it’s a difficult thing to get those playable on TV like that unless you have the third-party game controllers for that.


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