Richard Stallman website

From Richard Stallman’s website,, you should be able to see more of what’s bad about various technology services we have been using today. This may be due to the fact that the companies may have the guts to somewhat mistreat the users without any knowledge although I don’t know if Richard Stallman’s concerns may be true or not. Amazon’s screwed up like hell that you may want to buy stuffs online from other websites and especially that you SHOULD NOT do cloud computing from there like you can stick on to using Windows Azure for cloud virtualization or something instead. Apple’s in that list as well not because of the features in the latest Mac OSX which is Yosemite in which they have disrespected the customers’ privacy with those like Spotlight for instance. We don’t know if Facebook and Google have learnt the technical lessons or some sort but the betrayal tries to continue from Facebook next year or something. The recent thing to talk about will be Uber which is the Taxi service with online capability.

OK, the technology for Uber is kind of fked up that South Korea is not happy about that that they want the CEO arrested. Another problem we may be interested to look at according to Richard Stallman is regarding the privacy violation again.

And this one Richard Stallman may bring us to is this,, which contains the amount of flaws they have discovered in the technology we know and use today. We know that Windows 8 and 8.1 have privacy problem and Windows 10 may be kind of worse in terms of that but I don’t know if that problem will be gone in the final version. For Android, certain brands already have the similar backdoors as well in certain devices of theirs. So, if you’re using some HTC, Samsung, Coolpad or other China branded devices that contain those backdoors, you’re pretty much a cyber-victim as those may allow attackers to infiltrate. There’s also Carrier IQ which does the same bullshit as well. You may as well as call that Carrier IQ-less. The only way to remove it in certain HTC and Samsung devices will be to require rooting them and using some bootloader to do so. For spywares on the web, don’t even try to use the Japanese and Chinese input apps from Baidu and this is somewhat a past or perhaps a recent technical warning to us on not to use them. You want to input stuffs in those languages, try the alternatives instead.

And I’m more of like a product alternative seeker than a cyber-security researcher. If you’re still supporting those cyber-spying agencies, you may look like a stupid garbage to tech giants nowadays.


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