National Library Board at Tampines

Before the visit to the library, I made some notes regarding the research skills taken from some web site about that. One of the places to research in the educational way is the library but the books are not as up-to-date as the E-journal articles you can find online. Indeed, there were also E-journal articles I found so far as well as to register for NLB as the library member, not librarian of course where the job of that is to arrange the books in the respective order in the respective shelves so that the visitors can pick up one that easily.

Unfortunately, not all books you may look for may be available in the small library like NLB at Tampines as other books related to various categories you’re looking for may be located elsewhere. I don’t know if borrowing any book for studies will help as I don’t probably have so much time in reading the information quite deeply.

The biggest place to locate those books based on my online book search is the NLB somewhere at Bugis which is next to Bugis Junction. It was a surprise upon trying to determine the location of that place through Google Maps. Even if I had found some information, the study never ends like always.


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